Lighting Journal 9-21 (wk 2)

Monday 9-14 clear

9am location: my house, Cambridgeport residential neighborhood
The sky is light blue.  The sun is low in the sky, sending long shadows down the road.  The warm golden light lighlights the tops of balconies, stairs, railings, tree branches and telephone poles.  Because the sun is low, it reaches unexpected places: the base of a treetrunk, underneath an unusually shaded balcony, deep into living rooms and bedrooms.  Details are accentuated and forms are highlighted during this time.  The light that is reflected into my living room from the house next door is a deep golden red.

12:35pm location: MIT campus, steps of 77 Mass Ave.
Clear blue sky and warm clear light.  White gold light shining down on me.  Shadows seem to be the same length as the objects casting them.  Clean, clear, deep shadows.  Edges facing the sun in the south west are brightly lit.  Other faces lie in the cool depths of the shadows.  Reflective light is a warm gold, lighting up the back edges of buildings and alleyways.  Materials are exposed in this light; uneven bricks cast dark shadows, rough concrete becomes speckled with light and shadow, highlighted leaves display the depths of the tree canopy.

5:21pm location: MIT campus, steps of Student Center

The sky is blue with far away wispy clouds.  The warm golden tones of the afternoon sky brush across the landscape.  The trees glow in the low afternoon light.  Long shadows fall across the grass. The light is softer than earlier this afternoon.  Shadows are loose and undefined, and seem to be moving quickly as the sun begins to set.  Although the roof of the Kresge Auditorium is lit up, the contour lines of it are dark, making a stark contrast between the form and the bright sky.  This would be a good time for photographs- colors are warm and light penetrates materials, revealing their richness.  Everything looks deeper because of the long shadows.

6:26pm location: MIT campus, studio 5, looking East

I love this time of day.  The sun is setting and everything glows.  The sky’s blue is getting richer, with darker violet hues in the North and washed out baby blues in the South.  There are low, thick, dark grey clouds and high wispy white clouds.  The light is getting more and more golden, slowly moving into orange and red tones.  Building 3 is in front of me and is completely in the shadow of building 5 (where I am).  It is a dull khaki.  The IM Pei tower rising in the distance catches the setting sun and is glowing orange, brightly standing out against the dark blue background of the sky.  Colors during this time of day start to change and play games with each other.  It is a magical time when things change incredibly quickly.  You have to look fast before they are gone.  The light from the sun is glowing orange, but the reflected light illuminating my notebook is cool blue.

6:54pm location: MIT campus, studio 5, looking East
It’s a cotton candy sky.  I have to chew bubble gum to get my sweet fix.  The clouds are now pink against the blue sky.  Buildings are purple.  The clouds catching the light change qualities so quickly: faster than I can write.  One second they all have small pink splotches, the next two huge clouds are glowing red and the rest have faded to violet in the background.  The golden glow is now gone.  Now the world glows pink-purple in the cool of the evening.  The amount of light changes drastically at this time of the afternoon, but your eyes so readily adjust to it that it is difficult to catch just how dark it is getting.  The clouds are a soft lilac now, with a few fuschia wisps, as the sky is getting to be a more and more vivid shade of blue.  Is it dark yet?  I can’t tell.  It seems so bright out, but I know it is not.  My eyes deceive me.

9:22pm location: MIT campus, bike ride from my home in Cambridgeport to school, final destination studio 5

Darkness: but crisp, clear darkness.  IT is a time at night when neighborhoods are lit up.  The orange of the street lights, yellows of living rooms and kitchens, whites of car headlights, and greens of MIT’s fluorescent offices.  The evening is inviting, with the warm light of families eating dinner or watching the evening news together.  Even chatting on Facebook in an overstuffed chair with loved-ones looks cozy and comfy.  But, I am riding back to school, to the green fluorescent lights, to work in studio.  When at last I head home later tonight, houses will be in darkness, and the roads will be empty.  When I head home, Cambridge will already be asleep.

Tuesday 9-15 sunny, warm, hazy

8:15am location: MIT campus, sitting in the building 10 courtyard looking SE to the Charles River
Light is bright white.  The sky is hazy and obscures buildings and landscapes in the distance.  Details in the distance are obscured.  Buildings on the other side of the Charles appear to be blue forms, with a grid of reflective white squares on the face as windows.  Closer to me, though, one uniform material of stone is at least ten different shades.  From washed out white, pale yellow, cool greys, and a cool blue… even teh roof is catching the green of the grass.  Reflective light is a cool blue, leftover from the early morning light.  The sun is still below the trees and small buildings.  Most things are still in morning shadow.  Shadows of trees play across the buildings, like playful screens that are constantly shifting.  The shadows are quickly receding as the sun peaks up from around the building.  Bright light dances across the lawn, turning the grass from a deep emerald to a shiny chartreuse.

12:13pm location: MIT campus, studio 5 looking East
It is beautiful out.  The light is clear, casting deep shadows across objects.  The shadows fall at an almost perfect 30 degree angle from the protrusions casting the shadows.  The light is clear and warm.  I am surprised that the sun is so bright, yet colors don’t seem to be washed out.  I guess this is because it is late in the summer, and even though it is noon, the sun isn’t as bright as it is during the mid summer, or as bright as it is closer to the equator, like in Florida.  Colors are still pretty vivid and you can make out details without them being obscured.

4:06pm   location: MIT campus, steps of 77 Mass Ave.
Clear blue sky and fluffy white clouds.  It is a beautiful day.  The light is clear and bright white.  The sun is getting low in the sky, but instead of noticing the long shadows, I am noticing how long the light is.  It reaches depths of the building that seem unreachable.  The facade of the building is accentuated by light and dark, the form appearing like an exaggeration.  The columns seem extra big and extra round, the steps extra long, and the windows extra far away.  A cloud obscures the sun and the scene is flattened.  The sun peaks back out and I realize how golden the light is.  It no longer appears white as I first thought it did.  Did I misread the light before?  OR can it change that quickly in the late afternoon?

6:05pm location: MIT campus, Media Lab
It is the coziness of dusk.  Although it is before sunset, the sun seems to have disappeared.  It has retreated behind the buildings of MIT.  The sky is bright and lights up the campus.  I have been running back and forth between the Media Lab and my studio and building five.  I am in class, but I also wanted to place my bid for art, and I need to have some dinner before my lecture class at seven.  Passing along this part of campus reminds me of a year ago, last fall when I first started MIT.  I remember having a class from five to seven.  At the beginning, it was always light during class and it was beautiful to watch the sunset during our lecture.  But very soon it started getting dark earlier and earlier until it was dark when we arrived at class!  There is something about the quality of light right now that is reminding me of the fact that soon, it will be getting dark at this time.  And sooner than I would like, it will be completely dark at this time!

9:51pm location: my house
The temperature has dropped.  It was really warm and kind of humid today, and now it is crisp and cool.  The clouds are really bright tonight.  The sky is dull and seems really far away.  A few stars peak through.  There are fluffy white clouds rolling low across the sky.  There is a blanket of fog-like clouds that are almost a dull orange.  I wonder where the light is coming from?  The dull orangeness of it makes me think that it is light being reflected from the city.  Trees and houses are silhouetted against the bright cloudy sky.

Wednesday 9-16 cloudy

8:41am location: MIT campus, studio 5 looking East
It is cloudy today.  Looks like rain.  What is it that makes it look like rain, besides the obvious clouds?  The clouds in the sky are really dynamic.  It isn’t just overcast, or a consistent grey cloud cover.  Instead, there are many different levels of clouds, layered on one another, catching the light in different ways.  There is an occasional spot of bright white light that peaks out from behind the passing clouds.  There are some dark grey clouds that seem low and dark.  Others are blue and purple.  It is breezy, so the clouds are constantly moving and shifting.  This kind of sky is really photogenic because it is so dynamic.  The colors render the sky sculptural, instead of just a flat white or blue.  The clouds become their own objects to be photographed.  There are still slight shadows falling on the ground.  This diffused light is good for photography because objects aren’t washed out by the direct sunlight.  But, objects can begin to look flat if you aren’t careful with composition, because of the lack of shadows, which show form.

12:05pm location: MIT campus, studio 5, looking East
The clouds have broken up a bit in the late morning.  The clouds are lighter and fluffier, but still have the depth of whites and many shades of grey.  The wind has died down, so the clouds seem to hang in the sky, staking their territory.  The sky beyond the clouds is crystal blue.  The light is dull, except for the few times the sun pops out from behind the clouds.  The trees are dark and buildings look heavy.  I squint because although it is not sunny out, there is a bright glare.  The light is bright, but it is not direct light.  Maybe the glare is from the water particles in the rain clouds.  I thought it looked like it would rain.

1:37pm location: MIT campus, studio 5 looking East
It is much like it was nearly two hours ago.  It is still partially cloudy and there is still a glare in the air.  The light is splotchy today.  Almost everything in front of me is dull and shadowless in the overcast light.  But the MIT dome is being completely illuminated.  It sits against these dull objects, glowing proudly in the center of campus.  It is strange, because the sun isn’t shining on anything else… it has specifically chosen the dome, and the dome is accepting its light.  It glows bright white and the curve of the dome is like the moon, catching every bit of light it can to illuminate campus on this overcast day.

6:32pm location: MIT campus, studio 5 looking East (ie, my new home)
This journal has really helped me in noticing things about my surroundings.  I feel I have been struggling in how to see something new and how to describe it in a new way.  Class today really helped to open up my mind.  As I look out the window in my studio that I have been staring out of for the past week, I feel like it is a new scene in front of me.  I also realized during our discussion today that I am pretty obsessed with colors.  I think that is usually what I have been focusing on in my light journals.  Now, as I look outside, I am noticing that there are at least ten shades of orange and blue.  The sun is setting and it is that magical hour when warm and cool colors are mixing.  The sky is periwinkle blue, with low clouds of greyish-blue floating across it.  The windows of the building that is shaded are reflecting blue light.  The white window shades are especially blue.  The sun is setting and I am curious to go look for the earth’s shadow.  I am rather annoyed that there is a building in front of me, obscuring the horizon from my view.  If I didn’t have a deadline tomorrow, I would get on my bike and ride to somewhere to try and get a glimpse.  Maybe this weekend.  The light is golden and quickly turning pink.  I love the dark blue of the clouds.  It is amazing to think of how many changes the clouds have gone through today.  And, I must say, I guess I was wrong about the rain…. it never did rain.

9:52pm location: MIT campus, studio 5, looking East
It is really dark tonight.  The sky is rather colorless, but the dome is lit up in a bright blue-white light.  The white smocking that surrounds it reflects the light back onto the campus, acting as a big night light.  It is clear out now.  There doesn’t seem to be a cloud in the sky.  You can’t see any stars.  Even though my house is very close to campus, it is just far enough away from light that you can sometimes see some stars.  Here, that doesn’t seem to be the case.  The sky is just a dark blanket covering the sky.

11:35pm location: my site, Cambridge
Tonight, I was leaving studio almost at midnight, and I was shocked to see that the sky was incredible: it was glowing like I have rarely seem before. I snapped a quick photo, which I might use for the lighting assignment if there isn’t another night sky like it.  The picture isn’t incredible, but the feeling was.  The sky was a dark blue, and the clouds were fluffy, catching bright white light, maybe from Fenway?  I have experienced the bright clouds from Fenway before, but it was always in overcast sky, when the entire sky lit up and was a bit apocalyptic.  Tonight’s sky was like there were ten full moons casting an incredibly clean glow through the clouds.  Each cloud was individually lit up, and there was no haze to obscure the view and refract the light sloppily.

Thursday 9-17 overcast

8:40am location: MIT campus, studio 5 looking East
It is overcast again, but this morning I am happy that it is overcast.  My studio desk faces a bank of huge windows that faces East on the fourth floor of building 5.  Every morning when I arrive to studio to start working for the day, I am bombarded with sun.  The sun peers right through the windows and onto my desk until almost 10 in the morning.  It is incredibly bright and hot.  It makes it difficult to see the computer screen and I walk around the rest of the day sweaty.  So, this morning, since I have to finish a movie for class today, I am incredibly glad that it is overcast.  It will make my work much easier.  There are the remnants of morning… there is still a bluish glow in the clouds.

4:18pm location: MIT campus, studio 5 looking East
There is a low dark grey cloud sitting low just above MIT.  Everywhere else is bright white.  I don’t really mind when it is cloudy out.  I don’t like it when it is just a flat overcast light, but I love the clouds when they are contrasty and ominous.  I miss the thunderstorms of Florida.  The humidity made for some really intense storms.  I remember the clouds turning the most incredible shades of dark grey.  The sky would get incredibly dark in the middle of day.  It would look like the clouds were going to descend on us and swallow the world up.  I miss those clouds.  I think that is why I am loving the low, grey clouds that seem to be approaching the fourth floor of our building.  Maybe it will swallow us up!

7:08pm location: MIT campus, studio 5 looking East
I just got out of a lecture and returned to my studio.  Of course, the first thing I do is look out the window.  The light is incredible right now.  The sky is a most vivid blue, almost worthy of being called flourescent.  The sun has already set, but the buildings are illuminated in a lilac light.  The windows glow with the green of florescent lights.  The clouds are fluffy and two toned with a dark purple on the underside and a pink highlight on the side facing the West light.  I snap a few pictures out of my studio window.  They are beautiful… I only wish this was my site.  It is really beautiful right now.

7:22pm location: my site, Cambridge
I rode home quickly to try and get to my site before the light totally disappeared.  The sky is quickly receding to dark blue, but low in the sky is still a deep blue, and along the horizon is a pinkish white.  There are a bunch of small fluffy clouds high in the sky that are dark grey, and the underside of the clouds are glowing pink.  I just missed the last of the good light, which I am pretty bummed about.  One thing that I really enjoy about my site is the different colors of light that can be found around the area.  There is a wide expanse of sky that can be seen because there aren’t any tall buildings in the area.  Also, the proximity of Fenway allows for those glowing late night clouds that are so strange and beautiful.  There park is outlined by street lamps, which give off green glow, and there are also city lamps which give off an orange glow.

10:34pm location: my house, Cambridgeport
The sky is glowing bright.  The sky is a deep, dark blue, but it seems like there is a lot of light in the atmosphere.  The brightness of the sky reminds me of South Hampton, NH where I grew up.  My neighbor had a pool and corn field behind their house.  My friends and I would go swimming at night when the sky was lit up like this.  It was incredible to be out in the middle of nowhere, away from city lights, so that the stars would shine and the moon would completely illuminate the sky.  It was a clear light that would allow you to see everything around you in great detail, as opposed to the dirty yellow cast of a floodlight.

Friday 9-18 sunny, cool, crisp

8:30am location: home Cambridge
It definitely looks cool and crisp outside.  It reminds me of when I used to go to camp in the early summer mornings when I was younger.  The light is bright gold, coming right through the trees and down my street.  Everything is glowing.  The sun is reflected at low angles and warms up everything in its path.
11:24am location: MIT campus, studio 5, looking East
There is not a cloud in the sky, but it isn’t really crystal clear.  It seems a little hazy today.  There is a glare and the sky has a kind of murky feeling.  It is funny: the more I have been looking at the light, the less interesting I find mid-day when it is sunny out.  Last week when it was overcast everyday, I was totally disinterested in the light qualities and couldn’t find much to look at or say about the light.  I thought the direct sunlight and crisp daytime shadows were much more interesting.  After a week of looking, though, I find that I look forward to writing about dusk.  Between 5 and 8 are the best times.  Even the night, though, is interesting.  I haven’t been awake early enough to see the morning light, but as the winter approaches, the dark will slowly creep in and I’m sure my 7am wake-up time will allow me that cool morning light.

2:43pm location: building 1, looking toward the Charles River
It is beautiful outside right now.  It’s such a bummer to be sitting in a dark calssroom right now.  It is still hazy outside.  The Charles isn’t shimmering like it was earlier today.  The sky is kind of colorless and very shallow.  It is cloudy, but there are only slight variations in the color and form in the clouds.  Looking out towards Boston, the buildings look like wood blocks.  The edge facing the sun is glowing white gold, while the other edges are darker.  Light levels are constantly fluctuating.  As the sun is exposed, a war, holden light is cast into the classroom.  The leaves cast moving shadows on the walls.  A glittering light fills the room.  It is a soft light that reminds me of Sunday afternoons and naps.
3:53pm location: building 1, looking toward the Charles River
The light has changed a lot in the past hour.  The light is bright white and is hitting our room directly.  It is shining directly between the trees, so that it is a pure, unadulterated light in the room.  It is a slow, steady light, instead of the moving light that was illuinating earlier.  Across the Charles, the atmosphere is much bluer than earlier.  The water is blue- it seems to be reflecting the sun and the color of the sky (before it was kind of bownish).  The sides of buildings  in shadow are blue.  The clouds are dividing a bit, allowing the blue sky to show through again.

4:08pm location: building 1, looking toward the Charles River
I am still in class and I noticed a strange thing happening today in our classroom as I was sitting here taking notes.  My class here is from 2 till 5 this Friday afternoon.  One would assume that the sun would fall lower and lower in the sky, until in the late afternoon we would all be blinded by the low, golden light of the afternoon sun.  This didn’t seem to be the case.  As time passes between my last two journal entries, the light coming into the room seems to be getting higher in the sky.  At two, the light raked into the room at a low angle, reaching deep into the room and casting shadows of leaves across the desks.  Now, as it is closing in on four, the sun seems to be getting higher in the sky!  The sun is bright and seems to be peering over the trees instead of through them.  There is barely any light coming in, almost the entire room is in shadow.  I thought about this for a while, trying to figure it out.  I began to realize what was happening.  The sun is moving behind the building, so it is not that the sun is getting higher, but instead that the light is sinking behind the building, preventing the sun from being seen.  It is amazing how you think you understand how light works, but then the simplest diversion makes you realize there are so many nuances to light, color, and shadow, that you really have to step back and watch to notice such things.

6:05pm location: MIT campus
I got out of class a little while ago and I am sitting outside looking at the Charles.  The light is incredible right now.  (I feel like I say that at the beginning of every journal entry I make.  But it is true.  Especially when you start looking, you realize how incredible everything is.  I also love the fall and the autumn light.)  The sun is getting low in the sky, and as a result of traveling through great lengths of the atmosphere, it is quickly picking up more and more colors.  It is moving from yellow, to gold, to orange, to pink… the colors keep changing, slipping into another array of tones.  The clouds in the sky are catching the rays of color and splashing them back across the sky.  The trees are shimmering golden yellow and pink.  The grass is holding the long blue shadows of the trees.  This time of day is so alive: it feels like everything magically has a personality and they are dancing together.

Saturday 9-19 sunny, cool, crisp

8:51am location: Cambridge, from my house to school
It feels like fall.  It is crisp and clear and cool.  The gold morning light makes the leaves, which are already starting to have a slight yellow tinge, look even brighter gold.  The air is cool and thin and makes the air feel light, like the sun could travel through it infinitely.  I love the way our street looks in the morning light.  It makes it easier to wake up and get moving in the morning.  Like we were talking about the other day in class, it puts me in a good mood.  The bright golden light gives me energy and makes me excited for the day ahead.  It is shiny and reflects off of every surface it touches.  It is like King Midas, turning everything it touches to gold.
9:00am location: MIT campus, studio 5, looking East
Remember what I said the other day about the sun coming in the studio window?  Well, it is incredibly sunny today, so the sun is coming right in our studio and of course, right onto my desk.  It is really hot.  I have had to move to a different desk so that I can continue my work.  It is really bright today and outside it is really contrasty.  Dark shadows spill across the building, rendering it drastically different tones.  The dark shadows allow you to learn things about details of the building that are hidden from the angle I am seeing them at.  For instance, decoration that I cannot see because I am viewing it head on from the front, I can begin to see in profile, by way of the shadow which is projected against the building.  I think that is really interesting: the idea of projection; to see a different side of something because of light.

12:15pm location: Mass Ave, Cambridge
I am meeting up with some people at Mariposa for lunch.  Of course, I brought my lighting journal.  It is bright and sunny.  The light and shadows are very contrasty.  We are sitting in the shade, which is cool.  The shadows aren’t really blue right now.  Everything is kind of golden.  I think that colors have a lot to do with your how you sense temperatures.  It is kind of chilly right now, but the sense of a warm, golden light makes you feel more comfortable.  I have noticed when I am sitting in the grass, in the shade of a tree, I always feel a little chilled, and usually the light in the shadow has a blue tinge.  So, I am glad there is a golden light, because the air is fresh, and I don’t want to get cold enough to have to move inside.

2:34pm location: MIT campus, studio 5 looking East
It looks like a clip-art scene out the window.  It is perfectly clear out and the colors are pure.  The sky is a constant blue color.  The buildings are all consistantly colored and lit, so that there is a clear line between buildings and the sky.  Objects look like cutouts, glued onto a piece of blue construction paper.  Even the trees are a consistant shade of green: they look like the cartoon, bubbly trees.  I don’t know if I am doing justice to the scene, but I don’t really know how better to describe it.  The light is incredibly even and renders everything the same saturation and contrast so that they seem to all be on the same plane.

6:52pm location: my house, Cambridgeport
It is twilight, and the classic blue light is making everything glow.  I was thinking about some of our discussions in class the other day: about the long twilights in the North.  I never really thought about it, but it is very true, and it is a huge difference I remember between Florida and Massachusetts.  In Florida there was a stark distinction between day and night.  The daytime would be incredibly bright and sunny, then the sun would set in, what seemed like, minutes.  The night would envelope the dusk and hold tight till morning.  My childhood memories of New England include the long dusks.  They were my favorite times of day: the time of faeries and trolls.  I remember always rushing outside after sunset to play beneath the weeping cherry tree, known to me as the “faery tree,” since that is where I would spy on faeries who could be seen only in the glimmer of twilight.

Sunday 9-20 sunny. clear, crisp

9:46am location: my house, Cambridgeport
The air is really still outside.  The trees are motionless and are catching the warm golden light in their leaves.  The house across the street  is a khaki color, but the side opposite side the sun is pinkish.  The light is reflecting off the house next door.  The part of the house in shadow is a bluish grey, while the top protrusion of the house is yellow.  I am really obsessed with the color differences that occur because of different kinds of light and shadow.
11:56am location: Cambridge
We are at the Friendly Toast in Cambridge for brunch.  The air is cool, but the sun light is nice and warm.  The square we are sitting in is tight, with a four to seven story building on each side.  Most of the square is in shadow.  The light bounces between the faces and the square, so that there is a blue glow in the area.  The sun is shining in between two buildings, and we are sitting in the direct sunlight, which is warm and relaxing.  The sky is crystal clear blue.  I can’t get over the color- it is such a bright blue and has a depth that makes it really present.

2:52pm location: Newbury Street

My friend and I have been shopping on Newbury today.  It is a beautiful day.  She knows about this assignment and keeps pointing out her findings about the qualities of light.  I think she is enjoying it!  She is also in architecture, and one of the things we discussed is how light controls where people inhabit space.  The air is really cool, but in the sun, it is very warm.  It seems that the side of the street that the sun is shining on is more crowded than the shady side.  It is a simple thing to notice, but I find it interesting anyways.  Light not only changes your mood and effects how colors and forms are perceived, but also forces you to walk in certain places.  I began to wonder: do stores realize this?  Do you think rent on one side of the street is more desirable and therefore more expensive than the other side?

5:35pm location: Newbury Street
Yes, I must admit, we are still shopping.  I took my journal with me today.  I made some notes when we stopped at Starbucks, while I was waiting for my friend to finish in the fitting room, and on the T.  We are on our way home now so that I can visit my site to make some notes and photograph.  I had to make an entry now, though, because it is incredibly bright.  It definitely seems to be the brightest I have seen since keeping my lighting journal.  It is hurting my eyes and I can barely open them!  The sun is shining directly down the road, and of course we are walking right into it.  All of the glass windows are reflecting the light back and forth, and the cars are super-reflectors.  I’m sure it doesn’t help that we have been in a dark store for the past thirty minutes.  But, as soon as we turn and walk toward the Public Garden, it goes from painful to beautiful.  The light is no longer blinding, but is sweeping across the landscape and lighting everything up.
6:28pm location: my site, Cambridge
I visited my site, hoping to catch a colorful and dynamic sunset.  I was disappointed by the flatness in the sky, especially after such a fantastic week of evening skies.  The absence of clouds made for a lackluster sunset: the sky had a gold light that was very dull.  A bit earlier, there was a golden light that raked across the park and through the gate, throwing long shadows across the gate and up the tree trunks.  I threw myself on the ground to try and capture the expansive quality of the shadows.  Two dogs ran up to me, wanting to play.  The park has been closed, either to allow for grass to grow back, or possibly for some other unknown reason, so for the past year that I have been passing by, it has always been empty.  Now, pleasantly, it is always filled with people bringing their dogs to play.  As the sun fell behind the buildings, everyone and their dogs left.  I walked around, but I didn’t find anything that interested me.  My camera battery was dying, so I decided to head home to recharge, and head back to (hopefully) catch the blue glow of twilight.

7:10pm location: my site, Cambridge
I went back to my site just after seven tonight.  I road my bike over in the cool air.  As I was locking up my bike, balancing my tripod and multiple cameras, I heard the train coming.  Could this be?  Would I be so lucky to catch the train?  I thought immediately: “this could be a fantastic opportunity!”  I could just imagine a photo with a rich blue sky, the buildings in focus and the train whooshing by in a blur of light.  I ran toward toward the train tracks while simultaneously trying to pull out my tripod and my camera.  I hear it approaching.  I hear the signals beeping and the gate going down across the pedestrian walk.  But, no!  I am too late.  It whooshes by, just as I had imagined, but I hadn’t yet set up my tripod.  I am standing next to the tracks with my camera in hand, frantically trying to click some pictures.  I took three before the train was gone- and without a tripod.  Why was the train so short?  It must have been no more than six or seven cars!  I got home to find that the pictures are pretty aweful.  What a let down.  Maybe next time.  At least the sky was that rich blue I was hoping to capture.

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